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哥伦比亚国家 offers more than 80 academic paths. Find which path is the right fit for you!

What students are saying...

哥伦比亚国家 has nurtured me academically and assisted me in finding my true potential. Before attending 哥伦比亚国家, I was not aware of my own academic capabilities. It is amazing what can be accomplished when students are educated in an encouraging, 积极的环境. Having confidence instilled in me by professors and instructors changed my outlook on my own abilities. I have been so fortunate during my time here to have so many instructors and professors who truly want to see their students succeed. 阅读更多关于Courtney的信息...


Associate of Applied 科学 Degree in Nursing


What students are saying...

哥伦比亚国家 has definitely put me out of my comfort zone which I liked. They offered many clubs, and I joined some of them which allowed me to talk to other students. This helped me get out of my shell a bit. 阅读更多关于Alla的信息...


Associate of 科学 Degree in Biology


What students are saying...

哥伦比亚国家 helped prepare me for my future by showing me teamwork throughout the clubs that I participated in, how to communicate properly or in a professional manner, and how being involved in clubs helps you. I noticed throughout my time at 哥伦比亚国家 that no matter how shy you are, you can always find somewhere that you belong. 阅读更多关于Alexa的信息...


Associate of 科学 Degree in Pre-Dental Hygiene


What students are saying...

哥伦比亚国家 has been my home away from home for many years now. I have learned so much during my time here while making many close friendships, having fun and preparing for my future. I am excited to be moving on to the next chapter of my life with all the experiences I have made here. 阅读更多关于凯蒂的信息...


Associate of 科学 Degree in Nursing



走上楼梯 94.8% 就业率

2019-2020 A.A.S. & Technical Certificate Graduates

wearing a graduation cap, and holding a key 100% 牌照通过率

For 2021 Paramedic (National Average: 75%)

毕业 Cap and Diploma 1,086 度 & 证书颁发

2021-2022: 677 A.S. 度,273 A.A.S. 学位,136技术. 证书

奖杯 2020-2021 社区 College of the Year



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